Vision Plan Update

As some of you know, the enhanced benefits that were supposed to take effect on October 1, 2016 have yet to be implemented. This is due to the request the BMA made of United Healthcare (UHC) to “reset the clock” for benefits. UHC was planning to implement the enhanced benefits “going forward”; meaning when it was time for your next eye exam you’d get the new benefit. So, if you went in September 2016, you would not be eligible for the enhanced benefits until September 2017. UHC was able to “reset the clock”. That means even if you went to the eye doctor in September 2016, you can go again any time on or after October 1, 2016 and receive the new enhanced benefits. After that visit you would need to wait the typical 12 months for the next benefit.

Our UHC representative worked hard to get this done, but it caused a delay in implementing the changes. Those changes should be implemented by the end of this week. UHC has assured the BMA that they will assist anyone who has taken advantage of their benefits from October 1 through the actual implementation date to get their full enhanced benefit. If anyone has experienced problems in obtaining the enhanced benefits and had to pay out of pocket, or will have to pay when materials are picked up, please contact Steven Aragon at ext. 5484 or by email and he will put you in contact with UHC.

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