AFLAC Coverage for BMA Members

Attention BMA Employees!

  • Are you prepared to pay your household and living expenses if you become unable to work due to a SICKNESS or ACCIDENT?
  • Would you like to receive cash benefits from the 1st day if an injury occurs?
  • Would you like to receive cash benefits each year for getting specific annual check-ups or benefits to help pay for expenses if you or your spouse needs to fight CANCER or a SPECIFIED-ILLNESS?
  • Sickness disability benefits pay for PREGNANCY if you are planning a family?
  • Remember, some of you may not have sick days.

Solution: Supplemental Insurance policies that you can get tax-free from AFLAC (see our Benefits page for more info)

  • Short Term Disability
  • Accident
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental
  • Cancer
  • Specified Health Event
  • Hospital Protection
  • Vision

BENEFIT CHECKS ARE SENT DIRECTLY TO YOU! Your local AFLAC Representative, Sandy Quinones, will be available from 8am to 4pm on the following dates:

December 11th, 8am to 2pm BWP Auditorium (Side B), 2pm to 4pm BWP Room B26
December 12th, 8am to 2pm BWP Room B7, 2pm to 4pm BWP Room B26
December 16th to 18th, ASB 2nd Floor Conference Room

Appointments and walk-ins welcome. Family coverage is available. 310-951-6248

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