New BMA Vision Benefits

Check out the new vision benefits through BMA’s UnitedHealthcare vision plan on our Benefits page.

The advantage of going with the BMA UHC plan is that the premium cost is fully paid for you and your family AND matches or exceeds the city VSP plan benefits.  The city’s VSP plan only covers the employee.  If you wanted to cover a second person or family, you would have to pay more.

Here is a quick comparison of the two vision plans.  Make sure you read the two documents for details, especially for lens/contacts options and out of network costs:

Premium cost You $0, second person $19.91/mo, family 43.48/mo You, second person, or family $0
Exam Every 12 mo, $15 copay Every 12 mo, no copay
Lenses Every 12 mo, no cost, see doc for option costs Every 12 mo, no cost, see doc for option costs
Frames Every 12 mo, up to $150, 20% savings if over Every 12 mo, up to $150, 30% savings if over
Contacts Every 12 mo, up to $120, copay up to $60 Every 12 mo, up to $150, up to 6 boxes, no copay
Laser vision benefit Yes, 15% off regular price, 5% off promotional Yes, 15% off regular price, 5% off promotional
Out of network costs Varies, see document Varies, see document

For details on the City VSP plan, you can find it on the benefits site on BEN (you must be on the city network to see the document).  Note that BMA members in the current voluntary VSP plan will be moved into the city paid VSP plan for next year.  For the VSP plan, cost per paycheck for 2 people will be approx $9.19 and cost for family will be approx $20.07 (26 paychecks per year).

Also note that if you are currently in VSP or the BMA UHC plan and want to stay there, you do not have to re-enroll.  Your coverage will continue into the new year.  However, if you are not in any plan or in a plan and want to switch, then you must request changes.

To sign up for the City VSP plan, visit the benefits office.  To sign up for the BMA UHC plan, email Brenda Castaneda.

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